Barbara Dickson If You're Right

Can't seem to feel your love
The way I think I've felt your love before

Oh no

You say it's me that's changed
you say I don't respect you any more
And if you're right it doesn't rain in England
If you're right they don't drink wine in France
If you're right the castle played piano
and Fred Astaire could never really danse.

My eyes are close to tears I can't believe I hear the words you say

Oh no

You tell me there's no point to make it work when we've lost yesterday

Oh no

And if your right then love's a game for children
Just a game of seaside touch and run
And if your right then Shakespeare wrote a long lost play
Called Romeo and something or someone

Don't waste what's left of love ...............close and bar the door

There's no need

One time for memories just feel it like you know it felt before
And you'll see
That if I'm right it'll pour with rain in England
If I'm right thhey'll raise a glass in France
And if I'm right your'e wrong and that's just fine by me
'Cos that means that our love's still got a chance.