Hothouse Flowers Eyes Wide Open

My eyes were opened, my head was clearer
My heart was thumping 'cos I knew I could hear
I had the warmest feeling in my mind, I knew
I had something to say, I had something to do
I had the strangest healing feeling of love
Coming on me
And when I met her at the station I was blind
Lord but now I can see
She wore white linen, she had a pearly white smile
Her feet they were worn from walking long miles
She helped people that no-one else helped saying
Get up, stand up and be your own self
You've got the helping healing feeling of love
Coming on you
Son be loving, be forgiving, be wholesome and
For God's sake be true
And the last thing she said before she went on her way
-- She said there is no right, no wrong
No-one to blame
No blame