Cowboy Troy

2 Ain't Broke Yet
1 Automatic
2 Beast on the Mic
1 Crick in My Neck
2 Do Your Thang
3 El Tejano
4 I Play Chicken With the Train
3 If You Don't Wanna Love Me
4 My Last Yee Haw
1 Somebody's Smilin' on Me
1 Whoop Whoop
2 Wrap Around the World

1 Blackneck Boogie
1 Buffalo Stampede (feat. M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold)
1 Bus Driver
1 Cruise Control (feat. James Otto)
1 Hick Chick (Dance mix)
1 Hick Chick (feat. Angela Hacker)
1 How Can You Hate Me?
1 I Play Chicken With the Train (Barn Dance mix)
1 Lock Me Up (feat. J. Money and Angela Hacker)
1 Man With the Microphone
1 My Bowtie
1 Paranoid Like Me (Tis the Season of Discontent)
1 Tae Kwon Flo
1 Take Your Best Shot Now (feat. J. Money)
1 Texas