Climie Fisher

4 Love Changes
9 Love Changes (Everything)
8 Love Changes Everything
7 Love Like a River
9 Rise to the Occasion

1 Bite the Hand That Feeds
2 Break the Silence
1 Buried Treasure
1 Coming In for the Kill
1 Don't Mess Around
1 Facts of Love
1 Fire on the Ocean
1 Hold On Through the Night
3 I Won't Bleed for You
1 It's Not Supposed to Be That Way
1 Keeping the Mystery Alive
1 Love Changes (Everything) (DMC remix)
1 Love Changes (Everything) (Re-mix)
2 Love Changes (Everything) (single remix)
1 Love Changes (extended mix)
1 Never Let a Chance Go By
2 Precious Moments
2 Rise to the Occasion (Hip Hop mix)
3 Room to Move
4 This Is Me