The Grass Roots - Grass Roots, The

5 Baby Hold On
6 Bella Linda
5 Glory Bound
5 Heaven Knows
7 I'd Wait a Million Years
9 Let's Live for Today
2 Lovin' Things
1 Midnight Confession
9 Midnight Confessions
9 Sooner or Later
9 Temptation Eyes
7 The River Is Wide
6 Things I Should Have Said
5 Two Divided by Love
5 Wait a Million Years
8 Where Were You When I Needed You

1 (These Are) Bad Times
1 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
1 All Good Things Come to an End
1 Anyway the Wind Blows
1 Back to Dreamin' Again
1 City Women
2 Come on and Say It
1 Feelings
2 Here's Where You Belong
1 Hitch Hike
1 I Can Turn Off the Rain
1 I Can't Help but Wonder, Elisabeth
2 I'm Living for You Girl
1 Is It Any Wonder
1 I've Got No More to Say
1 Just Wait a Million Years
1 Lady Pleasure
2 Lets Live for Today
1 Lollipop Train
1 Look Out Girl
1 Love Grows (Rosemary)
1 Love Is What You Make It
1 Lovin Things
1 Mamacita
1 Melinda, Love
1 Melody for You
1 Midnight Confessions (Effcee remix)
1 Mr Jones (A Ballad of a Thin Man)
1 Mr. Jones (Ballad of a Thin Man)
2 Only When You're Lonely
1 Out of This World
1 Out of Touch
2 She's a Fool
2 Sonner or Later
1 Temtation Eyes
3 The Runway
1 Things I Should Said to Her
1 This Is What I Was Made For
1 This Precious Time
2 Tip of My Tongue
2 Walking Through the Country
2 You and Love Are the Same
1 You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
1 You Might as Well Go My Way
1 You're a Lonely Girl
1 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away