James Carr - Carr, James

5 A Man Needs a Woman
8 Pouring Water on a Drowning Man
8 The Dark End of the Street

3 A Losing Game
1 A Message to You Lovers
1 A Message to Young Lovers
2 A Woman Is a Man's Best Friend
2 Coming Back to Me Baby
1 Dark End of the Street
1 Everybody Needs Somebody
4 Forgetting You
2 Freedom Train
4 Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
1 Hold On
1 Hold On (to What We've Got)
1 I Can't Make It
1 I Can't Turn You Loose
1 I Gotta Go
2 I Sowed Love and Reaped a Heartache
4 I'm a Fool for You
1 I'm Going for Myself
1 I'm Going for Myself Now
3 Let It Happen
1 Let's Face Facts
3 Life Turned Her That Way
3 Lovable Girl
5 Love Attack
1 Lovers Competition
2 More Love
1 Only Fools Run Away
1 Please Your Woman
1 Ring of Fire
1 Row Row Your Boat
1 Row, Row Your Boat
2 She's Better Than You
4 Stronger Than Love
1 Talk, Talk
1 Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong
1 That's the Way Love Turned Out for Me
4 That's What I Want to Know
1 The Lifetime of a Man
2 These Ain't Raindrops
2 To Love Somebody
1 What Can I Call My Own
1 What Can I Call My Own?
1 Who's Been Warming My Oven
3 You Didn't Know It but You Had Me
2 You Don't Want Me
1 You Gotta Have Soul
1 You Hurt So Good
1 Your Love Made a U-Turn
5 You've Got My Mind Messed Up