Bedouin Soundclash Walls Fall Down

When the walls come down on your old town, then you begin.

See I had these walls, built up so strong
Built when I was young in wars I won,
Fortified alone, stone upon stone,
So tall I could not see beyond my wall

But all walls fall down, and all walls fall down,
And when walls fall down on your hometown,
Then you begin

A bit insecure, a but unassured
I climbed up and I saw the world I lacked
And my first stone cracked, foundations collapsed
Standing on the ground in stone I'd found


Governer of the land, from where you stand
Beneath a shelter built by many hands
There is a storm, and you've locked the door
On people you once were you gave a war


Walls fall down, like a stone comes down
Anmd I'm no stone, I'm just no stone
No man is a stone, no man's a stone