Impetigo Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell

I was created to destroy you
You're time is near
When you least expect it,
Dying time is here!
I'll find you at a party
You're drinking your beer
I"ll crawl up behind you
and chew off your ear!!

You stare at me cause you're boyfriend's a goon!
You don't understand!
I'm in disguise, you can't recognize
The green slime on your hand
I thrive o kill you assholes
I want all of you fuckers dead!
When you go cruising for babes
I'll explose inside your head!

You say it's just a nightmare.
Some bad dreams you've had
But when you see me slaughtering your pals,
You'll go screaming for your dad!
You numbers will diminish
Hear my carnivorous squeals!
I'm disgusting, I'm cute, and I'm cuddly
Your doom is sealed!!!!!