Mario Let Me Love You (remix)

Baby u should let me love you, let me love you, baby you should let me love you, you
should let me love u let me love u baby u should let me love you

Jus relieve ur stress (relax) chill ur ring finger
and freeze ya chest
cop u a new beamer the beads is next
and even tho it’s a want i need the sex
i hope it’s jus insecurity
cuz i kno she feelin me
diggin the growth and the maturity
but i got hard luck
cuz honey keep keepin her gaurds up
so i’m jus tryna even the odds up
and that part sucks to have to keep goin back in on her
when she knows that i been on her
since back in the days in manhattan after the matinee
when she jus happened to wave
that’s when i knew she had the right shine (right shine)
and the right mind (right mind)
it’s jus on me to catch her at the right time (right time)
when i get her imma grab her by the wrist
pull her close to me, hug her and tell her this...

Baby you should let me love you, let me be the one to
give you everything you want and need
baby good love and protection
make me your selection
show you the way love’s supposed to be

Baby I just dont get it do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smell the perfume, the make up on his shirt
you dont believe his stories you know that they are all lies.
as bad as you are you stick aorund and I just don’t know why
If I was your man baby you’d (never worry bout)
what i do (i’d be comin home)
back to you (every night doin u right)
your the type of woman (deserves good things
fist full of diamonds (hand full of rings)
baby you’re a star I just want to show you you are


Baby you should let me love you, let me love you, baby you should let me love you.
(You should let me) Love you,
Let me love you baby you should let me love you [repeat 3x]

What you want a cruise?
Avenues and a ride with a pair of shoes
Shining like a diamond sittin high with raised latitude
Ah ha listen baby i could change your attitude
you chillin’ with the king you aint dealin with them rapper dudes
Look. keep it real kick it with me is what you rather do
I was poppin before you gonna be the same after you
I aint gonna chase you I’d rather replace you
In case you was wonderin i’m stuntin and way major
if the ice dont matter and the money dont pahse you
cars don’t impress you, I bet the sex will amaze you
look u dont want to pass the chance
Spend the summer in the bottom half of france
Dont be alarmed i don’t mean no harm
I’ll help you before I hurt you
I’m tryna rebirth you
I wanna love you
I aint just out to nail you
I know I can show you better than I can tell you