Ty Herndon - Herndon, Ty

4 A Few Short Years
4 A Man Holdin' On (To a Woman Lettin' Go)
5 Hands of a Working Man
2 Heart Half Empty
4 I Want My Goodbye Back
3 It Must Be Love
2 Living in a Moment
3 Loved Too Much
1 She Wants to Be Wanted Again
3 Steam
6 What Mattered Most

2 A Love Like That
2 A Man Holding On (To a Woman Lettin' Go)
1 Before There Was You
1 Big Hopes
1 Big Time Dreamer
1 Don't Tell Mama
1 Hat Full of Rain
1 Heart Half Empty (feat. Stephanie Bentley)
2 Heather's Wall
1 Her Heart Is Only Human
1 How Much Can One Man Love You
1 I Can't Do It All
1 I Have to Surrender
1 I Know How the River Feels
2 I'd Move Heaven and Earth
1 If I Ever Fall in Love
2 If the Road Runs Out
1 In a New York Second
1 In Your Face
1 Lookin' for the Good Life
2 Love at 90 Miles an Hour
1 Love Don't Work That Way
1 Mighty Mighty Love
1 No Mercy
1 Pray for Me
1 Pretty Good Thing
1 Putting the Brakes on Time
1 Returning the Faith
1 Right About Now
1 Someday Soon
1 Somewhere a Lover
1 Somewhere My Lover
1 Summer Was a Bummer
2 Tears in God's Eyes
1 That's Wall I Call Love
1 The Only Way I Know
1 Thinkin' With My Heart Again
1 When Yesterday Was Mine
2 You Can Leave Your Hat On
1 You Don't Mess Around With Jim
1 You Just Get One