Mickey Gilley Don't the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time

The girls all get prettier at closing time
They all begin to look like movie stars
The girls all get prettier at closing time
When the change starts taking place
It puts a glow on every face
Of the falling angels of the back street bars

(verse 1)
If I could rate'em on a scale from 1 to 10
I'm lookin' for a 9 but 8 would slip right in
A few more drinks and I might slip to a 5 or even a 4
But when tomorrow morning comes, and I wake up with a number 1
I sware I'll never do it anymore

(verse 2)
Now I don't mean to criticize the girls at all
Cause I know Robert Redford even overhauls
We all picture in our minds a girl that looks just right
Ain't it funny, ain't it strange, how a man's opinion changes
When he starts to face that lonely night