Boris & Keiji Haino

1 A Rise, a Moment Before Something Else Is on the Verge of Happening
1 Don't Be Cheated by the Oozing Silt From Both of the Accuser and the Accused Which Is Always There, Saying 'Something Have to Be Done'
1 From the Distance, With Their Own Gentle Eyes Almost Fixed on Us, They Are Affectionately Gazing at the Black: Implication Floon Flooding
1 It Should Be Watched, Not to Fail to Notice These Flashes of an Accusation From Inside
1 Not Knowing If It Will Be Agony or Comfort for Us
1 Offer It All Up, Our Madness That Will Be Crushed on This Land That Has Come to Be Called Chaos Unzipped
1 The Decision of a Dream Which Will Never Be Completely Red
1 The Person Who, What Is S/he Like, the One Who Has Been Determined and Prepared
1 Wonder What Colour Would Be Suitable for the Dwelling