Phunk Junkeez Devil Woman

This is a sequel to a song
About a bitch who did me wrong!
She's just a devil woman [x6]

She's just a devil, she's not on my level
I need a woman on my level
Shit, goddamn
What the fuck you think I am, a sucker?
Fuck that shit, ya cocksuckin'
Hold up, you're movin' too fast
Lettin' everybody fuck your ass
Well you're cashed like a bowl in a bong
You ain't nothin' but a song, hooker

She's just a devil woman [x6]

Oh the second verse, it's worse than the first
Instead of gettin' better, the shit got worse
Freebies, freebies, givin' up the freebies
Teenage hooker givin' me the heebie-geebies
Make me feel like I'm all alone
And that bitch is evil to the bone
That's okay, I got my soul
And I got my Phunk Junkeez

She's just a devil woman [x6]
Fuck that bitch, devil bitch [x8]

Fuckin' bitch
Pissed me off
You hurt my feelings
You fucked my friends
I'm buyin' cigarettes
And I don't even smoke
What the fuck
I hope you choke

You're just a devil woman [x6]
Fuckin' bitch!