Billy Price - Price, Billy

1 (I Think I'm) Drowning on Dry Land
1 A Nickel and a Nail
1 Ain't It Funky Now / Back From the Dead
1 Bump and Grind
1 Can I Change My Mind
1 Can I Change My Mind / Is It Something You've Got?
1 Crack Crack
1 Danger Zone
1 Do What You Think Is Best
1 Fried Chicken
1 Full of Fire
1 Gonna Forget About You
1 Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
1 I Know It's Your Party
1 I Know It's Your Party (I Just Came Here to Dance)
1 I Want to Take You Home (to See Mama)
1 In the Room Next to the Room
1 Indefinitely
1 I've Been Searching
1 Last Two Dollars
1 Let Yourself Go
2 Mine All Mine All Mine
1 Mother-In-Law Blues
1 No Matter How You Turn or Twist It
1 Nothing Left
1 One in a Million
1 Open House at My House
1 Pass the Sugar
1 Sixty Minute Man / Slip Away
1 Strange Man
1 T-Bone Shuffle
1 This Magic Hour
1 What Is Love
1 You Better Believe It
1 You Left the Water Running