Jolie Holland Sascha

Tonight, my heart is full of a sad song
My lonesome lover has taken off
I'm wandering around on a cloud
Empty-hearted and down and out

It's been a week, I think, since he rolled into town
And it's been years that I've heard these stories about
This fellah he's so brave and so alive
Turning this world around from the out to the inside

Well, our courtship was brief and magnetic
I was singing at the corner bar
And we both felt so romantic
We took a walk with the moon
Down to the train yard

Well, it was too much for me
My gypsy heart was inflamed
Put me at the head of your list
And don't forget to call my name
Well, I fell in love with a boy
Who has a real live romance with a train

Oh, my beautiful lover and friend
This is exactly what I wanted
And now I'm feeling so haunted
And I can't get you out of my mind

I can't forget him as he's rolling away
And it's all I can do is just to stay here
Is just to stay