Pavlov's Dog Gold Nuggets

If you're looking for a star
Chances are you won't go far
Were you searching in an awful funny way
There's a glow from above
And your last chance for love
And it won't be here when morning
Shows her hand
It's a love you've been shown
And a time for being alone
Cause people like me come running back for more

Now Caroline stop crying
It won't seem like a long long time

And I'll be here when the Rockies thaw in spring
I can't bring you cause it's just too cold
And while I'm out here digging alone
Well I'll bring you home gold nuggets
In the spring

And now sometimes while I'm out
If you think of things I'm without
Then you won't feel so sorry for yourself
Cause it's clear
When you're near
How things change and then
I'll get hungry for the gold you think I've found