The Fortunes - Fortunes, The

8 Caroline
5 Don't Throw Your Love Away
7 Freedom Come Freedom Go
9 Freedom Come, Freedom Go
6 Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling
9 Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
9 Here It Comes Again
6 Seasons in the Sun
9 Storm in a Teacup
6 This Golden Ring
9 You've Got Your Troubles

1 [untitled]
1 A Man Is A Man
1 All My Calendar Is You
1 Annamarie
1 Clowns Exit Laughing
1 Excuse Me Friend
1 Eye For The Main Chance
1 Four And Twenty Hours (Seven Days Of Of Every Week I Love You)
2 Fredom Come Freedom Go
1 Funny How Love Can Be
1 Guitar Plays
1 Halfway to Paradise
1 Hear The Band
2 Here Comes That Rainy Day
1 Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin' Again
1 I Gotta Dream
1 If You Don't Want Me Now
1 It's a Beautiful Dream
1 Just A Line To Let You Know
2 Lindsey
1 Mumbah Sarah
1 Noises (In My Head)
1 Oh Babe
1 Red Clay County Line
1 Running Away From Love
1 Saesons in the Sun
1 Someone Is Standing Outside
2 Storm in a Tea Cup
5 That Same Old Feeling
1 The Eyes of Jenny
2 The Guitar Plays
1 The Idol
1 The Night Started To Cry
1 The Same Old Feeling
1 There's A Man
1 Thoughts
1 Today I Killed A Man
1 When I'm Gone
5 When Your Heart Speaks
1 Whether You Like It or Not
1 You Captured My Heart
2 You've Got Troubles