Demons & Wizards Dorian

Amuse me
Sweet son of love
Sweet son of death
Adore me
And keep in every word I've said
Time is a bitter foe
A bitter foe
Until the end
And grace is like you my friend
My handsome one
My handsome one

Time is jealous
Time is pain

The gods will give
The gods will take
Youth will wane
As age will gain
We'll turn into ashes
Like ashes will turn into dust
Will turn into dust
Will fade will fade will fade

Oh how sad it is
Time is jealous
Time is pain

Oh how cruel
For me to know
Each breath will take beauty away
If I stayed young and the picture
turned old
For that I would give everything

When our eyes first met
I should have left the room
I was growing cold and pale
The picture's a mirror
But to whom does it belong?

Oh I damn the day
On that beautiful morning
Am I modern sinner
Or an ancient god
Pray I pray
Is there anything as pure as hate
For the prayer of my pride it has been answered
I can't free myself
From the spell of words
The twisted limbs, the gaping mouth, the lifeless eyes
Forever we are gone
You shall stay with me
I wonder if there's heaven
I wonder if there's heaven
There's nothing left of me

Oh how horrible
All the damage you have done
It's your beauty
Time will take