Don Gibson - Gibson, Don

8 Blue Blue Day
9 I Can't Stop Loving You
9 Oh Lonesome Me
9 Sea of Heartbreak
7 Sweet Dreams

1 (All for the Sake of) A Love That Can't Be
1 (All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
2 (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time
1 (Yes) I'm Hurting
2 A Blue Million Tears
1 A Born Loser
1 A Legend in My Time
3 A Stranger to Me
1 A Wound Time Can't Erase
1 Above and Beyond
1 Address Unknown
1 After the Heartache
1 Again
1 Ages and Ages Ago
1 Ah-ha
1 All My Love
1 All the World Is Lonely Now
1 Almost
1 Am I That Easy to Forget
1 Anything New Gets Old (Except My Love for You)
1 Around the Town
1 As Much
1 Ashes of Love
1 Automatic Mama
1 Baby, We're Really in Love
1 Bad Bad Day
1 Be Ready
2 Beautiful Dreamer
2 Big Hearted Me
1 Blue Dream
1 Blue, Blue Day
1 Blues in My Heart
1 Blues in My Mind
1 Bonaparte's Retreat
1 Born to Lose
1 Bring Back Your Love to Me
2 Camptown Races
1 Canaan's Land (Prayer Is the Key to Heaven)
1 Carolina Breakdown
1 'Cause I Believe in You
1 Climbing Up the Mountain
1 Cloudly Skies
1 Country Green
1 Cryin' Heart Blues
1 Cute Little Girls
1 Dark as a Dungeon
1 Dark Future
3 Didn't Work Out, Did It?
1 Do You Know My Jesus?
1 Do You Think
5 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
1 Don't Touch Me
1 Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)
1 Driftwood on the River
1 Even Tho'
1 Evening Prayer
1 Everybody but Me
1 Everything Turns Out for the Best
1 Faith Unlocks the Door
3 Far Far Away
1 Fireball Mail
3 Foggy River
1 Foolish Me
1 For a Little While
1 For Old Times Sake (Don't Break the Heart Today)
1 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
1 Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings
7 Give Myself a Party
1 God Walks These Hills With Me
1 Good Morning, Dear
1 Green Green Grass of Home
1 Happens Everytime
1 Head Over Heels in Love With You
2 Heartbreak Avenue
1 He's Everywhere
1 Hide Me, Rock of Ages
1 How Do You Tell Someone
1 How's the World Treating You
1 Hurtin' Inside
1 I Ain't A-Studyin' You Baby
1 I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time
1 I Believed in You
2 I Can Mend Your Broken Heart
2 I Can't Leave
1 I Can't See Myself
3 I Can't Stop Lovin' You
2 I Can't Tell My Heart That
2 I Couldn't Care Less
1 I Just Love the Way You Tell a Lie
1 I Know the Score
1 I Let Her Get Lonely
1 I Lost My Love
1 I Love No One but You
1 I Love You So Much (It Hurts)
1 I Love You Still
1 I May Never Get to Heaven
1 I Must Forget You
1 I Sat Back and Let It Happen
1 I Think It's Best to Forget Me
1 I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
1 I Wish It Had Been a Dream
1 Ice Cold Heart
1 I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)
1 I'd Rather Have Jesus
1 If I Can Help Somebody
1 If I Can Stay Away
1 If You Don't Know It
1 If You Don't Know the Sorrow
1 If You Knew Me
1 I'm Crying Inside
1 I'm Gonna Fool Everybody
1 I'm Movin' On
1 I'm Sorry for You, My Friend
1 Is This the Best I'm Gonna Feel
1 It Has to Be
1 It Makes No Difference Now
1 It Only Hurts for a Little While
1 It Was Worth It All
1 It's a Long, Long Way to Georgia
2 It's a Sin
1 It's My Way
1 Just Call Me Lonesome
1 Just Let Me Love You
8 Just One Time
1 Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)
1 Known Only to Him
1 Let Me Stay in Your Arms
2 Let's Fall Out of Love (Tonight)
1 Let's Wait a Little Longer
2 Lonely Street
7 Lonesome Number One
1 Lonesome Old House
1 Lonesome Road
3 Look Who's Blue
1 Lord, I'm Coming Home
1 Lost Highway
1 Love Has Come My Way
1 Lovin' Lies
1 Making Believe
1 Many Times I've Wanted
1 Maria Elena
1 May You Never Be Alone
1 Maybe Tomorrow
1 Midnight
1 Mixed Up Love
2 My Adobe Hacienda
1 My God Is Real
1 My Hands Are Tied
1 My Love for You
1 My Tears Don't Show
1 My Tomorrows (They Don't Come Easy)
1 My Whole World Is Hurt
1 Never Love Again
1 No Doubt About It
1 No One Will Ever Know
1 No Shoulder to Cry On
1 Oh, Such a Stranger
1 Old Ship of Zion
1 On the Banks of the Old Ponchartrain
1 Once a Day
1 One Day at a Time
1 Pretty Rainbow
1 Red Lips, White Lies and Blue Hours
1 Right Away
1 Rings of Gold
1 Roses Are Red
1 Run Boy
1 Sample Kisses
2 Satisfied
1 Selfish With Your Kisses
1 Settin' the Woods on Fire
1 Singing the Blues
1 Sittin' Here Cryin'
1 Snap Your Fingers
2 So How Come (No One Loves Me)
1 Somebody Loves You Darlin'
1 Sweet Dream
2 Sweet Memories
2 Sweet Sweet Girl
1 Symptoms of Love
1 Take Me as I Am
1 Take These Chains From My Heart
1 Taller Than Trees
2 Tell It Like It Is
1 That Lonesome Valley
2 That's How It Goes
1 The Last Letter
1 The Next Voice You Hear
1 The Road of Life Alone
1 The Same Old Trouble
1 The Same Street
2 The Streets of Laredo
1 The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
1 Then I Met the Master
1 Then I'll Be Free
1 There Goes My Everything
2 There She Goes (Let Her Go)
1 There's a Big Wheel
1 Think of Me
1 This Cold War With You
1 Time Hurts (As Well as It Heals)
1 Too Much Hurt
2 Too Soon to Know
1 Touch Me in the Morning
1 Vaya con Dios
1 Wait for the Light to Shine
1 Waitin' Down the Road
1 Walkin' in the Moonlight
1 Waltz of Regret
1 Watch Where You're Going
1 We Could
2 We Live in Two Different Worlds
1 We're Stepping Out Tonight
1 What a Fool I Was for You
1 What About Me
1 What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasing You
1 When I Stop Dreaming
1 When They Ring Those Golden Bells
1 When Will This Ever End
2 When Your House Is Not a Home
1 Where Else Would I Want to Be
1 Where Is Your Heart Tonight
3 Where No One Stands Alone
1 White Silver Sands
3 Who Cares
2 Who Cares (For Me)
1 Why Am I So Lonely
1 Why Don't You Love Me
1 Wiggle Wag
2 With Your Love on My Mind
2 Woman
1 Woman (Sensuous Woman)
1 Won't Cha Come Back to Me
1 Worried Mind
1 You Can't Laugh (At a Fool)
1 You Cast Me Out (Forevermore)
1 You Don't Knock
1 You're Going Away
1 You're the Only One for Me