Edge of Sanity Aftermath

And thus was read the incantation
Voices echoed round and round
The woman smiled in weak elation
Mesmerized inside the sounds

And with these chants of higher lore
So mortal flesh began to fade
Soon child and mother were no more
Their earthly bodies now decayed

Cast me to the crimson flames
Thou shalt bar the doors of hell
Incant these words of sacred rule
Seal me in my crimson cell

And still inside the chamber stands
A single cell with crimson hue
Resealed by spoken word of Man
Imbued with power from spiritual Truth
Two souls imprisoned for eternity
Light and dark forever bound
Two souls that never can be freed
A pathway back will not be found
For trapped beyond some foolish reach
And far away from prying eyes

No channel now to lead or preach
No chance to influence or guide
The final sacrifice she took
Ensured the hope of the human race
And thus she holds the sacred book
A captive in her crimson space

Lest bitterness and chaos be the harvest they wouldst reap
For she must never waken from this Crimson Sleep