Don Johnson Big Band Broken Daylight

It's like that black star track, i'm feeling their beat
Some cities have a tendency to breath in their sleep
Heeding their weak warning, i lift my hands high
Feel a tiny drop of water turn into a landslide
I can't spy, or see you in the dark
In my night vision every light can be like a spark
Heavy like the park at four in the morning
We're cooking up some noodles 'til the day begins dawning
And feel it warming in my sore muscle torment
Like all men i stand tall when called into armour
Eight months of bone breaking fall-winter drama
Hold strong, nose warm, go storm through the harbour
I AM the only voice of the city
My vicinity is pinning me against a brick wall
Silly me, i really thought i could have had it all
Roll a paper, cries vaporise, hence the quick fall

It's on, the sound of your voice in them brown eyes borders on
A light dream, i strike three matches by the window
Fall back on the white sheet and feel the wind blow warm
Getting stronger as you climb in your space suit
A five minute race through time, and it takes you where?
The lonely streets in the soft august air
I've seen the hardest stare from a street artist's lair
When the time to depart is near, the station is empty
The tracks are warm and i keep pacing them gently
On my blue train of thought to the valley of deep breath
Only a week left, and i tried to keep it secret
But the city got a grip on me, i'm no longer alone
Feeling weak in my body and strong in my soul
Long as i hold this thought, i can never fall over
All this time and no time to get older
(Words and music: Don Johnson Big Band)