Joe Testify

Lady i use to be the type To share all my lonely nights And wake up in the morning to a woman i barely knew or liked and, Then you came along and changed my life And only now i realize I would never wanna jeopardize your heart and our love thats why La la la da la la I got to testify La la la da la la da La la la da la la la Cuz you are so special lady Testify ... yeah. IM so glad that I found you.. IM so glad that you choose me..I just love the fact that your, Your so spiritually grounded, When i thought i lost my faith it was you who helped me find it baby And through all my hopes and dreams You always supported me Never once did you doubt me You just cheered me on and told me to be strong and thats why La la la da da la la I got to testify...No matter how hard it gets your always by my side lady Thats why i got love for you Thats why i got trust for ya No matter how lost i get I still some how find my way back to you and And i promise i promise always trust and be true to you girl And thats why Thats why i got to testify Cuz you are so wonderful to me You are my precious queen lady And i love how you always got my back lately Whether IM wrong or right And your always always by my side Thats why i love ya Ill do the same for ya To the day i die da da da La la la la la la na na [repeat over til fade]