Joe So Beautiful

You're such a precious shorty
Girl tonight I'm gonna take full control
Come on

I've been waiting for this moment with you
To play alone in my bedroom
Your touch has got me in the mood
Tonight I'm gonna do something to you
Open up don't be afraid

(Chorus 1)
Let me do what I wanna do
I can please you in every way
I'll send shivers down your spine
Girl this thing will blow your mind.

(Chorus 2)
So come and lay your body right here
Girl you're beautiful
Shorty let me touch you right there
You're so beautiful
I can't wait to tear it off
You're beautiful
Let's keep the lights on so I
Can see how beautiful

So you like the places I just kissed
I can do it again and again
I don't just wanna slide right in
I wanna take my time and get you ready

(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)

If you could only see
What we could grow to be
It's so mind blowing
How much I want you
It feels like ecstasy
Underneath the sheets
So can you fulfill my dreams?
And make love to me

(Chorus 1) x2