Boys Night Out I Was the Devil for One Afternoon

it's a good thing that i haven't slept in weeks
because right now times are hard for dreamers

i've got a broken neck sense of mortality
that clashes with her bloodlust sentimentality
she says "it's wrong, but oh, we need it"
as she sits waiting up for me
but i'm not coming home
i've driven seven days of distance
and the dial tone on the end of this receiver
is what's really wrong with me

one day dear, i'll come crawling through the front door
just to fall into an empty room with a ruined view
i'm doing this for you

so i'll see to it that through me you dont have to
suffer like this anymore
my impulsive impulses give me my excuses.

you know dear, i never think things through
but i'm doing this for you

for the first time i'm looking back on the time
i spend writing down lines disguised as warning signs

there was something in the way
you turned and looked at me
i started panicking. i started panicking
until your hearbeat stopped...until your body dropped
that will always be my favorite memory of you and me
and i've give anything to know the reasons behind the wreckage.
i ruined everything for you