Assemblage 23 Divide

I lost myself in shapeless oceans
Whose depths concealed more than they showed
Beliefs obscured by mists around them
A legacy they'd been bestowed

Columns of ice paint awkward pictures
Distorted forms that once seemed real
Engulfed inside transparent textures
Billowing curtains as hard as steel

For all the noise filling the landscape
Whispers & cries with no reply
It's quiet here within these boundaries
And thoughts collect like pools of light

My eyes divide the sky
As sirens sound in heaven
My will brings down the moon
And shatters it to pieces

The silence grew inconsequential
The day became a paradigm
A thousand years, a hundred decades
An arbitrary slice of time

I found myself with no companion
Except the salty earth and sky
And suddenly there came my focus
The world around me clarified


And so I walked in isolation
Hoping solace would cross my path
Ignored the road that lay behind me
And stepped away from the aftermath

I lost myself in shapeless oceans
Whose waters turned from dark to clear
I floated there, a tiny island
With no more doubt, with no more fear