Lauryn Hill - Hill, Lauryn

3 Adam Lives in Theory
9 Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
4 Doo Wop
9 Doo Wop (That Thing)
4 Every Ghetto, Every City
9 Everything Is Everything
9 Ex-Factor
9 Final Hour
5 Forgive Them Father
4 Freedom Time
2 I Find It Hard to Say (Rebel)
5 I Get Out
2 I Remember
3 I Used to Love Him
6 I Used to Love Him (feat. Mary J. Blige)
6 Interlude 2
3 Interlude 4
4 Just Like Water
5 Just Want You Around
9 Lost Ones
3 Mr. Intentional
7 Mystery of Iniquity
3 Nothing Even Matters
9 Nothing Even Matters (feat. D'Angelo)
2 Oh Jerusalem
3 So Much Things to Say
6 Superstar
6 Tell Him
3 The Conquering Lion
9 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
6 The Sweetest Thing
5 To Zion
7 To Zion (feat. Carlos Santana)
2 Turn Your Lights Down Low
7 When It Hurts So Bad

1 '96 UK Freestyle
1 A Change Is Gonna Come
1 A Rose Is Still a Rose (feat. Aretha Franklin)
1 A Simple Breakdown (J. Period Respiration remix)
1 All My Time (feat. Paid & live)
1 All So Simple (interlude)
1 Allies (feat. PRT)
1 Bam Bam Interlude (remix produced by J. Period)
1 Be With You (remix) (feat. Mary J. Blige)
1 Black Thought (interlude)
1 Blame It on the Sun
1 Bonita Applebum (interlude)
1 Cedella Marley (interlude)
1 Change Comes Eventually (interlude)
2 Cowboys (feat. Outsidaz & Rah Digga)
1 Cowboy's (feat. Rah Digga)
1 Do Wop (That Thing)
1 Do You Like the Way (feat. Santana and Cee-Lo)
1 Doo Wop (J. Period Atliens remix)
1 Doo Wop (J. Period Books remix)
2 Doo Wop (That Thing) (instrumental)
1 Doo Wop (That Thing) (live, 1999-02: Hippodrome, London, UK)
1 Doo Wop (That Thing) (radio edit)
2 Doo Wop (That Thing) (vocal)
1 Everything Is Everything (album version)
1 Everything Is Everything (live, 1999-02: Hippodrome, London, UK)
1 Everything Is Everything (radio edit)
1 Ex-Factor (A Simple Breakdown)
1 Ex-Factor (A Simple Breakdown) (J. Period Headache Riddim remix)
1 Ex-Factor (A Simple mix)
1 Ex-Factor (live from BBC Radio One)
1 Ex-Factor (live, 1999-02: Hippodrome, London, UK)
1 Ex-Factor (radio edit)
1 Family Busines (feat. John Forte)
2 Flex Freestyle J. Wyclef (J. Period Smooth Operator remix)
2 Freedom
1 Fu Gee La (Global remix)
1 Fu Gee La (J. Period Story to Tell remix)
1 Fu Gee La (Refugees remix)
1 Fu Gee La (Sly & Robbie remix)
2 Guantanamera
1 Guantanamera (feat. Wyclef Jean and Refugee Allstars)
1 Here But
1 His Eye Is On the Sparrow
2 How Many Emcee's
1 How Many Mics
1 How Many Mics (J. Period Truth remix)
4 I Gotta Find Peace of Mind
1 I Never Dream You'd Leave in Summer
1 If I Ruled the World
2 If I Ruled the World (feat. Nas)
1 If I Ruled the World (J. Period Lost Tapes remix)
8 Interlude 1
4 Interlude 3
3 Interlude 5
8 Interlude 6
8 Interlude 7
9 Intro
2 Intro (Roll Call)
1 Keep It Tight (feat. DJ Skribble)
1 Killing a Soundboy (feat. Buju Banton & Steele)
1 Killing Me Softly
1 Killing Me Softly (feat. Mos Def) (J. Period remix)
2 Killing Me Softly With His Song (live, 1999-02: Hippodrome, London, UK)
2 Lauryn Hill Speaks on Hip Hop (skit)
2 Lauryn Hill Speaks on Music (skit)
1 L-Boogie Introduction
2 Light My Fire / Jose Feliciano (intro)
1 Like Water (feat. Common & Black Thought) (World Premix remix produced by J.Period)
2 Lose Myself
1 Lost Ones (J. Period Definition remix)
1 Lost Ones (J. Period Get The *&^% Up remix)
1 Lost Ones (live from BBC Radio One)
2 Lost Ones (remix)
1 Mahogany (feat. John Forte) (J. Period Relaxation remix)
1 Manifest (live in UK)
1 Meeting the Fugees Interlude (Exclusive)
2 Message Music Interlude (Exclusive)
1 Message to the Critics
1 Message to the Fans / Chris Rock (outro)
1 Mos Def (interlude)
1 Mr. Intentional (live)
1 Music
1 Musical Influences (interlude)
1 Nappy Heads (remix)
1 Nas on Lauryn Hill (interlude)
1 New Jersey Interlude (J. Period Exclusive)
1 No More Trouble (live in Tokyo)
1 On Having Children (interlude)
5 Outro
1 Poetry Interlude (Exclusive)
1 Ready for the Show
1 Ready or Not (feat. Notorious B.I.G.) (J. Period Exclusive remix)
2 Ready or Not (live, 1996-05-03: BBC Radio 1, London, UK)
1 Recognition (feat. Wyclef)
1 Redemption Song (feat. Ziggy Marley live)
2 Redemption Song (feat. Ziggy Marley)
1 Refugees in Sweden (live Exclusive)
1 Rehearsal (Backstage Exclusive)
1 Reprise: The Passion (outro)
1 Rumble in the Jungle (feat. Fugees, Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes and Forte)
2 Rumble in the Jungle (feat. Q-Tip & John Forte) (J .Period Exclusive remix)
1 Sam Cooke Tribute
1 Selah
1 Sex Factor (A Simple Breakdown)
1 Sex Factor (A Simple mix)
2 Skit
4 So High (remix) (feat. John Legend)
1 So You Like the Way
2 Soon as I Get Home (live in Sweden)
1 Soon as I Got Home
1 Strictly Roots Interlude (live Exclusive)
1 Sweetest Thing (Mahogany remix)
1 Take It Easy (feat. Wyclef)
2 Tell Him (live)
1 The Features (interlude) (feat. L-Boogie)
1 The Lost Ones
1 The Score
3 The Sweetest Thing (feat. Refugee Camp Allstars)
1 The Sweetest Thing (original)
1 The Sweetest Thing (remix) (feat. John Forte)
3 To Zion (feat. Santana)
1 Turn Your Lights Down Low (remix) (feat. Bob Marley)
1 Vocab (live, 1996-05-03: BBC Radio 1, London, UK)
1 War (live in Tokyo)
1 Watch Out for Babylon Freestyle (live Exclusive) (J. Period Jamrock remix)
1 Welcome: The Passion
1 What About My Honey Mary? (interlude)
2 X-Factor
1 Year of the Dragon (feat. Wyclef)
1 Zealots
1 Ziggy Marley (interlude)
1 Zion