Project 86 The Spy Hunter

One last disguise

Pawns standing in awe
Of the game
Of the stage
You've worked so hard to build an empire
Of secret rooms in display to yourself
And add to your wealth
The sting of...
Oh, it stings
When I saw it all come crashing
I witnessed the sound of a million voices
Screaming for public hanging

So hide yourself for now(Chorus)

When the world's a target
For humanity's market
And all of it's sold for a dime
I've seen the towers of gods
And the power of men
In disguises of the worst kind
I am the words of the page
I am the death among life today
I am the voice of one among the silent
Who's tired of burning among the flames

So hide yourself for now(Chorus)

Chorus-So hide yourself for now
But we caught you plotting murder
And now the tide is turning
We'll light our souls
We'll heat our bones
Upon your empire burning

I do not need anymore truthless heroes
We don't need no truthless heroes