Project 86 Six Sirens

''Andrew (From Project 86)''
And now I sit in thought as the plot of my days commences
And I'm left with fences
Put off the thoughts of my end so long to race
To chase after the trend so fleeting
Hours pass unsettled, unresolved my passions
I scrape to win a new day to waste
Misaligned priorities parallel my desires
I hide my eyes to avoid embrace
I smell the stench unavoidable
Approach comes against
And yet I'm left asking the question
Denied a way to defend the thoughts
That this side equates with what awaits

''Sonny (from P.O.D.)''
I'm ripping right through the masses, sacrifice into ashes
Giving up what was past tense, raising up like Lazarus
I laugh at the strongman who thought he had control
A hold on my eternity-eternal is Christ empowers me
Like the faith that builds my strength
Is like your dreams that fade away
The battlefield we soldiers play
I dance with life beyond the grave
And Jah knows that I will never rest my head
No time for us to sleep
We concentrate on the son until our eyes bleed
Salvation carries a cost, we must prevail
Death creeps like the breeze, but have no fear, watch me inhale

''Sonny (from P.O.D.)''
Temporary bliss ''(repeating in background)''

''Andrew (From Project 86)''
The depths await my burial as the hours seem as seconds
The end of your bliss is coming --face the path and sip the last
Embrace ends-every day a new day to die
Die time-the former life is past
Blind side-I know what awaits my fate
Haste breath-unavoidable ceasing of days
Today's a good day to die

''Sonny (from P.O.D.)''
With the quickness equipped to bring the pain
Enemies the soldier rages on
Praying for
Casualties in the distance
I see a vision of my reflection
Life and death intersection
This holy spiritual intersection

''Andrew (From Project 86)''
Say hello to my end
And greet the fears that grip majority
Nightmares removed bitterness none to spare
I pursue my fate with a lack of remorse
I stand resolute to embrace the course

''Sonny (from P.O.D.)''
Confusion settles the mind
Mind settles for blasphemies
Ignoring the call
Heart dwells iniquities
Let the praises on through
We worship God most high
Face to face with the truth
You know we're ready to die (ready to die!)

''Andrew (From Project 86)''
Reeling, defenseless
Grieving and senseless
You're powerless to avoid demise
Left gaining on exit and straining to fight it
Your only option is losing your life to find it