Project 86 One-Armed Man (Play On)

Submerged in endless (trailing off)
I watch the fade by (sigh)
Lifeless and black-faced (paining off)
I see....
The face I used to be
They want to feel this (straining on)
They want to sense this (now)
Drunk with existence (waking me)
I'll show you someone you can feel

They search and strain and drink and stagger
They PLAY ON...but I'll never, ever look back

Zombie staring, looking my way
Crying out for something...
They can't fill their stomachs with enough to satisfy
The hunger growing

Needing something real

Zombies staring, looking my way
Crying out for something they can't feel
Play on, stray on, in these wicked days on
Play on and understand that in your druken stupor you
are dying

Zombie staring, looking my way
Reaching out for something, anything
Anything to keep them numbing
Keep them plunging far from knowing...