The Briggs Waiting in the Shadows

We've got a problem here
I can't go anywhere
Someone locked the door and threw away the key

Your weapon lives on fear
But you won't find it here
I've gone my whole life letting it control me.

But there's a criminal
Overt and subliminal
Who won't let us walk alone

Check under your thumb
Not everyone's that dumb
Don't think that you could go unnoticed this long

Somehwere in this city
Walking the streets
Waiting in the shadows

I feel uncomfortable
Somewhat untrustable
With the consequence of your actions

There's never warning signs
seems like he's doing fine
But underneath this there's a different man.

Was it ever true?
We thought that we knew you
But now she's dead on the floor

I'm leaving the ways
These are numbered days
We can't stand to let this go on anymore