2 I Want to Love You in My Room
2 I'll Write the Song, You Sing for Me
1 She's Not Shy

1 A Very Frivolous Distribution of Sundries
1 Army Ants in Your Pants
1 Care, I Don't Care
1 Crumbling Mountain Tops
1 Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers
1 Did I Ever Tell You I'm in Love with Your Girlfriend
1 Did I Tell You I'm in Love With Your Girlfriend?
1 Eyes Adjust to Light
1 Faster than Steam
1 Hard to Breathe
1 Heading North
1 Holiday
1 I Can't Fall in Love
1 If You Say Jump, I Will Say No
2 Jen, Nothing Matters to Me
1 L-O-V-E
1 Lovely, Just Like Her
1 March was Fair at Best
2 Situation
1 Sleepy Inside
1 The Curious Thing About Leather
1 The Gentle Preservation of Children's Minds
1 The Longest Day in the Afternoon
1 The Look of Flowers That Are Looked At
1 Turn of the Century
1 White Hot