The Azoic Not Justified

The time has come for you
The moment to realize
It's now or never
But do not criticize

Won't you come a little closer
And please take my hand
Nothing sacrificed here
And nothing gained

My mind is getting clouded and my conscious wiped away
I'm feeling severed
It swells inside my head, I can't escape the pain
Don't you remember?

This is no paradise
But you'll be mystified
I've come to bring you here
Inside these walls

You want these simple pleasures, but your fears are turned outside
Won't you surrender?
Reclaim your severed ties and please just realize
It's not the same

So do you see the tears?
It's all a factor here
I'm not the one you need
to take you there

And it's coming inside me
And my hands are tied
My soul is being cleansed now
But I'm not justified