Grant Lee Buffalo Mockingbirds

devastation at last, finally we meet
after all these years out here in the street
I had a feeling you would make yourself known
You came along just to claim your place on the throne
Now I been overthrown, overthrown

And I thought if I tow the right lines
but these mockingbirds won't let me shine

devastation, my door was left open wide
you brought me into your heart and you swallowed my pride
I had a feelin' you were hidin' your thoughts
I made a note to myself, I nearly forgot
Now I'm overwrought, I'm overwrought

Chorus (2X)

One day this ground will break and open up for me
I hope it will, I hope it will

Salutations at last, I'm down on my knees
I heard the bugle this morning blast Reveille
woke from a dream where I was in a terrible realm
All my sails were ablaze and I was chained to the helm
Now I'm overwhelmed, overwhelmed

Chorus (4x)