Preschool Tea Party Massacre

1 Alfred, Do You Like Ice Cream?
1 All Dressed Up and No One to Blow
1 Baby Clogged Toilet
1 Da Dirty Tampon Requiem
1 Damn, Thats the Second Girlfriend I've Killed
1 Don't Worry Asshole, You'll Get Another Chance
1 Drop It Asshole!
1 First Freehold, Then the World, Then Space
1 Giving Head to a Shotgun
1 I Fuck on the First Date
1 I Never Forget an Asshole
1 I'm Gonna Die on a Toilet, Aren't I?
1 I'm Not Racist, I Just Hate Minorities
1 I'm Too Old for This Shit
1 I'm'a Kill You, You Sick Asshole!
1 Lieutenant Mike Harrigan
1 No Way You Live, No Way
1 On Your Knees Asshole!
1 Riggs!
1 That's Right Asshole, Shit Happens!
1 The Gooks of Hazzard
1 Why Are Fat Ugly People Always the Artistic Ones
1 Your Suicide Attempt Was Really Funny
1 You're Rippin' My Dick Off and Shovin' It Up My Asshole!