Joy Electric

3 (I Am) Made From the Wires
3 A New Pirate Traditional
3 Children of the Lord
3 Come In, Brother
4 Disco for a Ride
7 Monosynth
3 Sugar Rush
5 The Cobbler
4 Winter Wonderland

1 (Design) The Blueprints for Joy
1 (Play Each Note) By Metronome
1 (The Timbre of) The Timber Colony
2 (We Are) Taking Over
2 A Family of Archers
2 A Frog in the Pond
1 A Glass to Count All the Hours
1 A Glass to Count All the Hours (remixed by Scholastics)
2 A Hatchet, A Hatchet
2 A Page of Life
2 Analogue Grand Diary
1 And It Feels Like Old Times
2 And Without Help We Perish
1 Angels We Have Heard on High
2 Apples of Gold
2 As Children We Are Growing Younger
1 At Last, an Atlas
1 Become as Murderers
1 Bee Hoping
1 Birds Will Sing Forever
1 Blueberry Boats (and Pink Elephants)
2 Burgundy Years
1 Burgundy Years (remix)
1 Buttercup Fairy Jamboree
1 C Minor Miners
1 Can You Refrain
2 Candy Cane Carriage
1 Candycane Carriage
1 Candycane Carriage (Lost in the Forest)
1 Children of the Lord (cloud2ground remix)
1 Christendom on White Horses
1 Circa 1978
1 Cluster of Bare Trees
1 Colours in Dutch
1 Colours in Dutch (remixed by Norway)
1 Courage (Someday I'll Be Heard)
1 Cubism Interlude
1 Curiosities and Such
3 Dance to Moroder
1 Deck the Halls
3 Disloyalist Party
1 Draw for Me, M.C. Escher
2 Drum Machine Joy
1 Drum Machine Joy (The House in the Woods mix)
1 Drum Machine Joy (The Woods Are Haunted mix)
1 Electric Car
1 Ether Or
1 Every Boy and Girl Falls in Love
1 Every Nook and Cranny
1 Farmhouse Fables
3 Five Stars for Failure
2 Forever Is a Place
1 Four Gone Pierre (or What Electricity Made)
2 Friend of Mannequin
1 Frivolity and Its Necessities
1 Frivolity and Its Necessities (remixed by Celluloide)
1 From Mount Chorus
1 Frosty the Snowman
1 Hansel
1 Hansel (I Will Be Your Friend)
1 Happiness and Life
1 Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
1 Headley Grange
1 Hello, Mannequin
1 Hello, Mannequin, Part 2
2 Here We Come a Wassailing
1 Holly Jolly Christmas
1 Hornets Horns
1 How Friends Are Made, Then Lost
2 Hunter Green and Other Histories
1 I Am a Pioneer
2 I Beam, You Beam
1 I Beam, You Beam (remix)
1 I Recall the Telephone Booth
3 I Sing Electric
1 I'm OK, You're OK
1 I'm Your Boy
1 I'm Your Boy (remix)
1 In Intricacies
1 In Love in Midsummer
1 Interview in Three Parts, Part 1
1 Interview in Three Parts, Part 3
2 J.E. Picturephone (Reflect You, I Connect You)
1 Joy Electric Land
2 Keep Him in Your Thoughts
2 Let It Snow
1 Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light
1 Life Guardian Twenty
1 Life in 1982 (Joy E. vocal version)
2 Lift Up Your Hearts
1 Like Fools, They Bathed in the Pools
2 Lily Pad the Forest Our Home
2 Lollipop Parade (On Christmas Morn)
2 Lollipop Parade (On Christmas Morn')
1 Losing Touch With Everyone
2 Make My Life a Prayer
1 Marigoldeness
1 May All Saints
1 Misfortune's Apprentice
1 Mistletoe and Molasses
1 Mistook
1 Misuses, Atrocities
1 Montgolfier and the Romantic Balloons
1 Most Terrible Archer
1 Most Terrible Archer (Goodnight Star remix)
1 Mrs. Santa Claus
1 My Grandfather, the Cubist
1 Never Be a Star
2 Nikola Tesla
1 Octuplet Down
1 Of Stories and Love
1 Ohm I
1 Old at This Young
1 Old Castle Madrigal
1 Old Wives Tales
1 On Being Principally Utopian
1 Only Copernicus
2 Other Archers
1 Parlor Inventor
1 Pictures of You
1 Pilgrimage (Lo, I Am With You Always)
1 Ponderance Need Not Know
1 Ponderance Need Not Know (remixed by Engine Beach)
1 Post Calendar
1 Prelude to Cubism
1 Quite Quieter than Spiders
1 Quite Quieter than Spiders (Charlotte's remix)
2 Red Will Dye These Snows of Silver
1 Red Will Dye These Snows of Silver (remixed by The Echoing Green)
1 Rickety Trickery
1 Ringing Bells
1 Rudimentary Animation
1 Sheffield Youth
2 Shepherds of the Northern Pasture
1 Sing Once for Me
2 Singing in Gee
1 Song for All Time
1 Sorcery
1 Sorcery (The Stadium House mix)
2 St. Glockenspiel's Science Faire
1 Starcadia
1 Storybook Love
1 Strawberry Heart
1 Such a Beautiful Thought
2 Such as It Was
1 Sugar Rush (remix)
2 Sweet Sweet Charity
1 Synthesized I Want You Synthesized
1 The 100 Knighthood
2 The Berry Patch
1 The Birth of the Telegram, 1814
1 The Boy Who Never Forgot
1 The Brass Stopped Before the Second Mooring
1 The Carousel of Progress
1 The Chronometers of Switzerland
1 The Cobbler (remix)
3 The Confectionary
1 The Dark Ages
1 The Electric Joy Toy Company
1 The Envelopes Brigade
1 The Fifth Point of the Compass
1 The First Time I Loved Her It Was Here
2 The Girl From Rosewood Lane
1 The Girl From Rosewood Lane (the original mix)
2 The Golden Age
2 The Good Will Not Be Cloned or Why Should the Christians Get All the Bad Music
1 The Good Will Not Be Cloned Or...
1 The Harvestry of Ghosts
1 The Heritage Bough
1 The Ice Parade at Dawn
1 The Magic Of
2 The Matterhorn
1 The Melody Book
1 The Memory of Alpha
1 The Memory of Alpha (remixed by Travelogue)
2 The Ministry of Archers
1 The Ministry of Archers (Travelogue remix)
3 The North Sea
1 The Otherly Opus
1 The Otherly Opus (remixed by Solvent)
1 The Phonograph Plays, Part and Parcel
1 The Road to Monarchy
2 The Robot Beat
4 The Robot Beat (We're Back)
1 The Romantic Balloons
1 The Singing Arc
1 The Songbook Tells All
2 The Tick Tock Treasury
1 The Timbre of the Timber Colony (remixed by Flashlight Party)
1 The Ushering In of the Magical Era
1 The Ushering in of the Magical Era (remixed by The Viirus)
2 The Voice of the Young
1 The Warmth of Wooden Lanterns
1 The White Songbook
1 The Works of Unknowns
1 The Works of Unknowns (Horton's Summer of '80 mix)
2 These Should Be the Good Times
2 Tick Tock Goes the Melody...
1 Transylvania
2 True Harmony
1 Unicornucopia
1 Victorian Intuition/Father Winter Replies
2 We Are Rock
1 We Are Rock (The Echoing Green remix)
1 We Are Rock (The Faint mix)
1 We Are Rock (The Faint remix)
1 We Are Rock (the Norway remix)
1 Weep in the Sunshine
1 We'll Last So Long
1 What Child Is This?
1 Whether by Horse, or Horseless
1 Which Witch
1 Who Are Friends?
1 Who Are Friends? (The September Equation remix)
1 Wireless, From London
1 Wolf in the Bend
1 Wolf in the Bend (Sheltershed remix)
1 Write Your Last Paragraph
1 Write Your Last Paragraph (remixed by B! Machine)
1 You Forget
1 You're Material