A Day to Remember

4 Casablanca Sucked Anyways
3 Have Faith in Me
3 Here's to the Past
3 If It Means a Lot to You
3 I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
1 NJ Legion Iced Tea
2 You Had Me at Hello
6 You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance

3 1958
1 A 2nd Glance
2 A Second Glance
2 A Shot in the Dark
1 Another Song About the Weekend
1 Casablanca Sucked Anyways.
3 Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine
2 Fast Forward to 2012
1 Heart Less
3 Heartless
1 Holdin' It Down for the Underground
1 Homesick
3 I Heard It's the Softest Thing Ever
3 If Looks Could Kill
1 If Looks Could Kill...
2 Intro
1 Intro '05
3 Monument
1 Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End
1 My Life for Hire
1 Nineteen Fifty Eight
1 Over My Head (Cable Car)
4 Show 'em the Ropes
3 Since U Been Gone
3 Sound the Alarm
1 Sound the Alarm v.2.0
4 Speak of the Devil
4 Start the Shooting
2 The Danger in Starting a Fire
3 The Downfall of Us All
1 The Downfull of Us All
5 The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle
1 The Plot to Bomb the Pankhandle
3 The Price We Pay
1 U Should Have Killed Me When U Had the Chance
1 Welcome to the Family
1 Why Walk on Water When We've Got Boats
1 You Already Know What You Are
1 You Had Me @ Hello
1 You Should've Killed Me When You Had the Chance
2 Your Way With Words Is Through Silence
1 Your Way With Words is Through Silence!