Out of Eden More Than You Know

I know you walk around this life without hope
Just tryin' to figure out a way you can cope, well
You do so many things to escape you fears
that you will never make it,
You'll always have to fake being happy
I know the truth you can believe it or not
There's a way out of this way of living,
But your trust must be giving willingly
Someone to rescue you from all your disgrace
Who will show you all his mercy, love and grace

More than you know,
More than you could ever dream
There's so much more,
Waiting for you than it seems
If you'll only believe

I know you wonder what your life's all about
When it comes to your future, you have your doubts
There's only one who can make you feel secure
Who will lead you through this life,
(Where you'll spend eternity you can be sure)
You think the only heaven you'll ever know
Is the little bit of blue sky
you see when your troubles seem to gofor a little while
There's a lasting pleasure, a fuller measure of joy and peace
When you look inside and know
you've been set free