213 Appreciation

[Verse One - Warren G]


Childhood homies way back in the day
Since then it's been 213 the hard way
Rappin on the street corners, young as can be
All the local groups called us Run-DMC
Me, Warren G, I was Jam Master Jay
Mixed with my big brother Dr. Dre
Now I got shouts to say
We still want Eazy like bedstyle people
We want Biggie
In memory of Tupac, Left Eye, Aaliyah
Heaven sent
Say "Hi" to my mama when you see her
Rest in peace
But let's take it back to the streets
With so much drama in the LBC
It's kind of hard being a G from 21 Street
Times was hard for a superstar
But don't nobody notice who you are
We worked hard and stayed true to the game
Kept faith, kept God, now you know our name

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]
A big shout out
To all my family and friends
When times got hard
You were still be there
You give me, Inspiration
Like strength from the sun
Feel like destiny's son, yeah

[Verse Two - Snoop Dogg]
To be a rapper was my dream
And have a lot of money and live like a king
To have a handful of rings
And to make the kind of music that the whole world sings
Battle rap was the thing
And King Park was the spot where all the homeboys hang, bang
Just to go do our thang
And form my gang
And took off white a white boy in a van to get our change
And moms knew what time it was
And loved the way her baby boy came up, Cuz
It's before I was Snoop Dogg on TV
I'm talking about when I was like a little bitty B.G.
Nigga me and Warren Gizzy and Nate Dizzy and Fatey Baby
are talking about eighty-threezy, flip the clock up to '93
And watch me rock the clock nonstop constantly
on MTV and BET whatever you want
Hit these niggaz with that mothafuckin cheese (G-Funk)
Funk to shake ya trunk nigga from the bottom bunk
Now I'm moving on up, straight living it up
Well known in the zone and I'm still homegrown
Like Al B Sure, shit I'm on my own
But there's one thing I'm missin', that's family
Cuz without y'all, I don't know where I'd be


[Bridge - Nate Dogg]
There's no way I can forget about you
Support for me, your love for me
Your prayers for me when I'm in these streets
And there's no way I can forget to thank ya
For showing me the true meaning
Of unconditional love (ooohhh)
When I be fuckin' up
You always call my bluff
You say you've had enough
I just wanna thank ya
Yeah yeah yeah
I just wanna give....