Preteen Pornstar

1 A Message From Dr Frank Summers Set to Jesus Christ Superstar Performed on Bagpipes by a Military Band With Some Glitching at the End
1 Acidbloodfucking the Noisechrist
1 All Marines Are Pedophiles
1 Apookalypse Now
1 Assbooty
1 Blue Suede Shoes
1 Death by Water
1 Dem Bones Fall Out
1 Drugs Are My Anti-Drug
1 El Chingo Chango
1 Fuck America Yeah Yeah
1 Fuck Your Drug War (12 Year Old Pusher mix)
1 God's Word Must Be Brought to the Heathens
1 IEDs Cure Marines
1 In Goat We Thrust
1 Jagdwurst
1 Jim Jones Conquered the World
1 Monty's Holes
1 Oh God Fuck Me Daddy and Other Double Entendres
1 One People Over God
1 Pookahauntus
1 Santa Fe
1 Slightly Distorted Gelatinous Bells, to Foreign Texture, to Where the Wicked Flowers Wilt
1 Someone You Trust Is One of Me
1 Terrorists Are the New Communism
1 The Girls of Gay Porn
1 The Temple
1 This Is How You Remind Me of Someday
1 Trains and Vioilns, I Bled for This
1 Trains and Violins, Little White Robot
1 Twincest (prise)
1 Twincest (reprise)
1 Where Babies Come From
1 Without Fred Phelps
1 Words of Advice for Goats
1 Words of Advice for School Shooters
1 かい人21面相