Enon Pleasure and Privelige

It's a way it's a way out
Come out come on do it with us again oh yeah
Now when you get onto the set oh it's action action
You're through with us again

No no you never were so you phone call phone call
Nobody on to say that you're old school old school
Cause ___ way the outcome out
Your little fingers in the air oh yeah now you can ring again

Next pave the way soft spot cold heart the cliparound ___ you care
Go with the pleasure and the privilege it's satisfaction
You're through with us again
You better get a ________ action action
Your effort is causing a chain reaction
Get an x-ray the outcome you'll know
The in ___________ in again

No model for the ___ baby
But give the dog a bone
You better follow through daddy
Your little mrs ____ (?)
Come on

For some of us are stupid (?) enough to never think about it
We want a hiccup and now we want to shake it
Dream a little dream and give up that's what you're all about
You finally tip the scale