Enon Old Dominion

Hey you, come on over here
You've just been chosen
Break through, let go of your fear
Don't be so frozen

You look so lonely
You lost and only
Your pulls and vices

Now what kind of dog would shake his business at a tree?
He didn't have to piss the cop; you know he did have to pee
He wags it in the air and says I wish that I could stay
Then he points you in a direction and goes the other way.

Let's speak with more tense
White sheets and roaches
Contained in silence
Climbing on the fencing
Going over there

What kind of woman would make her fortress out of straw,
Filled with fancy decorations and a matching open bar?
She grabs you by the hand and begs you won't you come and stay
Then she lays the fuse and lights it blows it all away

Black suits are motives
Black soot and votives
Fresh meat for market
Flies and all the insects
Going over there

Retire to another room
And replace the sound
The lost and found
And often knew that you would do
It's a broken star though you won't get far

Hey you, come on over here.