Cass Elliot - Elliot, Cass

9 Dream a Little Dream of Me
9 It's Getting Better
9 Make Your Own Kind of Music

1 Baby I'm Yours
2 Blow Me a Kiss
1 California Dreamin'
4 California Earthquake
1 Cherries Jubilee
3 Disney Girls
1 Don't Call Me Mama Anymore (live)
1 Dream a Little Dream
2 Easy Come, Easy Go
2 He's a Runner
1 I Can Dream Can't I
1 I Can Dream, Can't I
3 I Can Dream, Can't I?
1 I Think It's Going to Rain Today
1 I'll Be Home
1 I'm Coming To The Best Part Of My Life (live)
1 Introduction/Cass Dialogue
1 It's All in the Game
1 Jesus Was a Cross Maker
3 Lady Love
1 Move in a Little Closer Baby
4 Move In A Little Closer, Baby
1 My Love (live)
2 New World Coming
3 One Way Ticket
2 Sour Grapes
1 That Song
1 The Costume Ball
1 The Good Times Are Coming
1 The Good Times Are Coming (Monte Walsh)
6 Welcome to the World
2 When I Just Wear My Smile
1 When It Doesn't Work Out
2 Who's To Blame
1 Who's to Blame?
1 Wild Women (by The Big Three)
1 Words of Love