Dark Lotus Ali Baba

This is the Lord of all God's
This is the Lord of the Universe
This is the he who the wind fears
this is he right here
Having a voice to all his comandments, th Lord of all things
King, ruler and helper
Hear me now, and make all spirits subject on to me

Venomous snakes magically charmed
All of this appear with the wave of a wand
Pharoahs eternally rest in they tomb
Hexes out-leash all out doom to consume
Nomads wander, where do they go?
Schallions go insane at the minds of Juggalos
Sand grains burn when the sun beats down
skin rot's more as the earth spins around

I got visions and flashbacks, of me on horseback
Dressed in black a severed head on my lap
Lips and assholes hanging from my ear lobes
A sac filled up with sliced out pussy holes
We roll (Dark Lotus) black priest in control
Powerful forces coursin' through my black soul
The blood and screams of hieroglyphic dreams
the tragedy I bring will set you free

(chorus: repeat 2x)
Yah heh yah mesh, shaking the wilderness of Kadesh
Ban lamp Kilpen Urges, the apocalypse of the Seven Churches

(Violent J)
Floatin' on a magic carpet with a phat sword
It's Joe Bruce from the Lotus ward (J tneloiV)
You could try to rub my lamp
I might float out and spike ya' ass like Vamp
I bow to the pyramid I do confide
the secrets of the Carnival are deep inside
Disrespect it (foolish) then Hokus Pokus
I'll split yo' forehead and plant my Lotus
You don't know what this killa's all about
I might sever your head off and fuck your mouth
Bells and chimes ring 17 times
Faceless souls act out like mimes
Pegasus cry as gargoyle's take eyeballs from heads like skinless grapes
Even kings will fall to they knees
and end up only knowing one word (esaelP)


(Monoxide Child)
Come with me, to the legendary land of Ali Baba
A place with genies and flying carpets
What you wish for? rub a lamp
Take a chance where the genies and gypsies dance
Magical realms are held high, visions of wishes
I can see' em all dyin' 'cause the vision is vicious
I'm a warlock, wand waver, vagabond
Have ya' talkin' backwards Ali (ba-ba ila) Baba

(Jamie Madrox)
Ali Ba Ali Baba, frog legs
Eyes of a cat, teeth of a paronah
Scale of a fish, a dream of a wish
Sight beyond sight, you never pictured this
Talk in reverse, and it shall appear
Standin' in front of you with a smile ear to ear
Some men called upon, from world to world
And leavin' with the souls of the boys and girls

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
Welcome to the dead wasteland, children of the damned
Demon throw me out a sac, I'm searchin' out the dark profession
Black Magician for equation, Warlock gains wishes
anything ya' eye invisions, freakin' you without admission
Call on Ali Baba!( help me with this savior!)
Pray to the father! (what make ya think he'll save ya?!)
Now your left to burn forever
All the demons cry together
Tear your body limb from limb
Only demons call upon him.