1 1st Divider (In the State of Three Doors the Bridging of One Throught Direction Is to Remain Yet to Another; To Each Former Outlook, the Perspective Becomes Even More Abstracted Beyond Any Internal Level)
1 2nd Divider (The Divider of the Hall Outside the Foundations of the Kitchen)
1 9:26pm (Re-Birth of Self Within the Lifeform of the Kitchen, Forgetting All Past Experienced Cycles)
1 Birth of Fade Out (At 6am on a Sunday Morning)
1 Bug-Capper
1 Clicker
1 Consumption
1 Decayer
1 De-Trop
1 Din Shader
1 Din-Cycle
1 Dinker Trop
1 Egress (Towards Retraction of All Points)
1 End-Dip (Mind Odyssey/State One) (Lost of Any Relation to a Degree of State, the Flow Moves Onwards)
1 EQ-Shader
1 Eska-Flex
1 Flick
1 Hex-Shader
1 HissTronic
1 Link-Op
1 Mini-Trop
1 Odyssey to Fade Out (Mind Odyssey/State Three) (Standing From the Back of a Carpark to the Drop Out of All Life; The Systems of Compulsion, One Move Sucks to Another, the Self of Formations as to Point One's Self in One Major Direction. It Is a Move to T
1 Pro-Hiss
1 Recess (Point Two)
1 Reclusion (Outlook Two) (From the Walls of Seclusion)
1 Release (Point Three) (Myself Beyond the Point as a Real Person in Three Points)
1 Release of Dislocation (State Three) (Absent Forms Without Any Resentment)
1 Release of Dislocation (Through Desperation) (State Four) (One Road Leads to Another but Never at the Same Forseeable Way; The Carpark Is a Lie, the Formation of the Release Is a Catch)
1 Resectioned From Despair (Lost at the Opening From a Location Without Breathing)
1 Restraint (Point One)
1 Rhythm Shift
1 Rip Flex
1 Seclusion (Outlook One)
1 Self-Separation Through Dislocation (State One)
1 Self-Separation Through Dislocation (State Two)
2 Sequester
1 Seq-Viod
1 Slip Link
1 Sub-Fadeback (The Loss of Control Now Takes Over; The Beginning of the Present Out-State Cannot Continue Onward. There Will Be Only Decay.)
1 Syn Flex Dump
1 Tapper Flex
1 The 1st Self-Less Reflection
1 The 2nd Self-Less Reflection
1 The Act (Mind Odyssey/State Two) (Sub-Movement Towards the Re-Enactment Until a Point of Unrecognisable Sickness Overrides and the Premonition Breaks Down as Before Into a Mass of Unresolved Emotions)
1 The Cross Fade (The Turning Point to a Cross Fade in a Carpark)
1 The Fade Out (In the Black State All Direction Is Lost Void to All Extensions Inside the Four Walls of Selfless Contradiction, Closing Down All Aspects of Drive to a Point of Decimation. There Nothing Remains as Relevant.)
1 The Lost State (Entropy/Descent Back to the Carpark, as an Intervention to Dissolution. The Beginning of the Lost State Throughout One Long Transgression to Another; There Was No Real Different From One to the Other.)
1 The Outcast (Rejection Enforcement Takes Hold)
1 The Rut (The Point of Recall Is No Longer the Grasp of Stability as a Result Direction Can Never Be the Same)
1 The State of Change (Hallway to the Kitchen)
1 The Turning Point (The Cycle Continues in One Direction)
1 Topper-Flex
1 Towards the Centre (Out Across Both Ways Before or After There Is No Difference)