School of Fish Rose Colored Glasses

Everyone is standing 'round
Waiting for their high
You feel the world turn upside down
When you step inside
Need a drink of water
To keep you standing up
Right now she means everything
And you're not enough

Now you're here again
'Cause it had you convinced
That you were part of something
You haven't found since
See her making tracks
For somewhere far away
Think that you might join her
If she'd let you stay

Everything looks good
And if it don't you twist it right
Everything you see you see tonight
Through rose colored glasses

Finally you speak
The truth comes out
And your world is inflated
'Cause it's all you think about
You can't stop staring
You don't want to ask
With everything in common
It won't last


Through rose colored glasses
Half alive you step inside
Your helium balloon
It's the only way
To rise above the room
It's temporary
The colors getting soft
The groove goes on forever
Only you can get you off


Rose colored glasses
Rose colored glasses
Rose colored glasses
Rose colored glasses