Andrea Corr Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold

There lived a rich Nobleman's daughter
Caroline is her name we are been told
One day from her drawing room window
She admired a young sailor bold
She cried - I'm a Nobleman's daughter
My income’s five thousand in gold
I forsake both my father and mother
And I’ll marry young sailor bold
Says William- Fair lady remember
Your parents you are bound to mind
In sailors there is no dependence
For they leave their true lovers behind
And she says - There's no one could prevent me
One moment to alter my mind
In the ships I’ll be off with my true love
He never will leave me behind
Three years and a half on the ocean
And she always proved loyal and true
Her duty she did like a sailor
Dressed up in her jacket of blue
When at last they arrived back in England
Straightway to her father she went
Oh father dear father forgive me
Deprive me forever of gold
Just grant me one favor I ask you
To marry a young sailor bold
Her father looked upon young William
And love and in sweet unity
If I be spared till tomorrow
It’s married this couple shall be