Stephanie Mills I Feel Good All Over

The night we met I often remember
two strangers meeting for the very first time
now here we are
facing each other
two lovers holding on to something real
something so meaningful
if you wanna know how i feel

I feel good
(I feel good)
Baby I feel good all over
(Baby I feel good all over)
you and I have one another dreams
we finally where you are

Say no more
your expressions shows it
i see a little sunshine inside of you
just to be with you
its so exciting
who would've thought it could happen to me
it's no secret we're in love
even a little child can see


you know i been lots of places
I've seen lots of faces
thought I knew just about everything everything there is to know
you know you never (ever)
cease to amaze me (cease to amaze me)
the main reason i live
is because
You make me feel good


Carrina Relunia