Lollipop Lust Kill Like a Disease

Once upon a time, you wouldnt let me be
So deeply woven couldnt tell myself from me
I had no reason not to give myself to you
You were so good, but now I see the truth

You mislead me; wasted my time
I can see him; behind your eyes
You dont want me, you dont need me
You're just living to deceive me

What do you want me to be?
You treat me like a disease now
What do you want me to be?

Your fate has yet to come
Because this nightmare's just begun

If you see me in the shadow, whispering your name
Would you hear my words without going insane?
Give me one reason so that I can justify
You took my life; this hell you can't deny

I can't trust you; we both know why
I can see through all of your lies
I'm abandoned, left here stranded
Now your fate has been commanded


And it all comes down when I come down
And it hits the ground and we all fall down