MJ Hibbett - Hibbett, MJ

1 (Theme From) Dinosaur Planet
1 [untitled]
1 A Little Bit
1 A Little Bit More
1 A Million Ukeleles
1 Boom Shake the Room
1 Born Yesterday
1 Chips and Cheese, Pint of Wine
1 Closer to You
1 Clubbing in the Week
1 Control Alt Delete
1 Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates
1 Dishwasher
1 Don't, Darren, Don't
1 Down the Narborough Road
1 Easily Impressed
1 Explanation of Theme Tune
1 Finale
1 Fly Me to the Moon
1 For the Fate of the Earth
1 Fucking Hippy
1 Giant Robots and Gorillas (Riding Dinosaurs)
1 Gillette Soccer Saturday
2 Good Luck in Your New Job
1 Got You What You Want for Christmas
2 Hell on Earth
1 Here Come the Dinosaurs / My Grandad is Nuts
1 Hey Hey 16K
1 Hey Hey 64K (demo)
2 Hey William
1 I Come From the Fens
1 I Did a Gig in New York
1 Introduction
1 It Isn't Jetpacks
1 It Isn't Nice to Eat Your Friends
1 It's a Fair Cop (feat. Vom Vorton)
1 Leave My Brother Alone
1 Like We All Are
1 Man Band
1 My Theory of a Dinosaur Planet
1 Never Going Back to Aldi's
1 Next to Me
1 Nobody Believed It
1 O.A.C.
1 Overture
1 Pass It On
1 Programming Is a Poetry for Our Time
1 Pylons Are Grate
3 Red and White Sockets
1 Save a Meadow
1 She Tastes Like Sugar
1 Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
1 Some Things Are Small, Some Things Are Far Away
1 Sweet Child o' Mine
1 The Ballad of Alan Moore
1 The Battle of Peterborough
1 The House of Her Dreams
1 The Lesson of The Smiths
1 The Millionaire Footballer
1 The Perfect Love Song
1 The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
1 The Story of My Life
1 The Theory of a Dinosaur Planet
1 Things'll Be Different (When I'm in Charge)
1 We Are the Dinosaurs
1 We Are the Giant Robots
2 Work's All Right (When It's a Proper Job)
1 Zipcodes