Crotchduster Let Me Into Starfish Land

The A Train Never Stops
And I Am Headed For Your Hole
I’d Be So Lucky If I
Could Cream In Your Asshole
There’s So Much Shit That We
Could Make Each Other Do
I’d Rather Fuck Your Asshole
If That’s O.K. With You
Here Comes The Honey
When I Am Through
But I Am Not Done Cause
Your Asshole Is So New
Open Up Wide, Here Comes The Train
If Your Head Was Between Your Legs
Id Love To Screw Your Brain

Let Me Lick Your Asshole
Let Me Lick It Clean
I’ll Take You All To Starfish Land

Let Me Lick Your Asshole
Let Me Lick It Clean
I’ll Suck Out All The Peanuts
I’ll Suck Out All The Beans
I’ll Tongue Fuck Your Rectum
I’ll Drive Up Your Dirt Road
I’ll Felch Out My Own Semen
And Spit It Down Your Throat

I Love Bunnies
I Love Pink
I Love My Moms Underpants
Especially When They Stink
I Love Rainbows
I Love Balloons
I Cried At Forest Gump
And Disney Cartoons

Boba Fett, Boba Fett
Vader And Boba Fett

Lubed Up Mustard Glove
Anal Love
Traveling Butt Raping Show
Steal A Mercedes
And Grab The Old Ladies
And Grease Up Your O

She Said That I Could Touch It
She Said She’d Let Me In
I Warmed Her Up With My Middle Finger
Some Anal Ease And Gin
My Wang Was In Her Crap Trap
Just About To Explode
Her 30 Year Old Stepmom
Came In And Drank My Load